Product Spotlight: 6 Things HR Managers Can Do Using Mihi’s Time & Attendance


Manual tracking of employee time and attendance is a tedious task prone to human error. And when it’s coupled with poor time sheet control, it could result in hidden costs and a severely negative impact on your company’s bottom line.

Because an effective time and attendance system is not just about tracking time, but also analyzing data and informing business decisions, there is no doubt that companies could benefit enormously from effective automation software at the start.

Listed are six important features you could leverage using Mihi’s time and attendance solution.

Shift-Based Attendance System

If you operate in multiple geographies, you have employees working at all hours; it then becomes impossible to track and manage employees’ working hours. However, using Mihi your HR managers can define attendance rules or create shifts that have the flexibility to assign or to change shifts for any employee.

Fig. 1

For example, HR can go to the shift master under the Time & Attendance module (see Fig. 1). Here it gives the option to create shifts by defining their name, timing, and weekly off time. Managers can also change or update shifts by clicking on the edit button (see Fig. 2). Further, managers can assign shifts to employees by entering from and to dates and the shift time. Managers have the flexibility to change an employee’s shift – daily, weekly or monthly as per the need.

Fig. 2

Overtime Calculation

Automating overtime calculation is critical because without a reliable system in place companies often end up paying much more to employees as overtime than what’s required. Mihi integrates overtime calculation using a clock in and clock out system (see Fig. 3). Or, companies can also use a bio-metric machine that can be integrated with Mihi to calculate the overtime automatically.  A significant advantage of using this integrated overtime calculation module is that it streamlines HR processes and reduces payroll costs.

Fig. 3


Under Time Calculation

Companies can also face challenges when employees do not complete their shifts or leave work early. Mihi automatically calculates employees’ under time hours as well (see Fig. 3). Thus, HR managers can set rules in Mihi to deduct money from an employee’s salary, discouraging employees from working under time.

Further, Mihi’s integrated time sheet module provides a holistic view of an employee’s total working hours along with the actual work done. Utilizing such an integrated HR system allows managers to review all aspects of an employee’s professional work before making decisions.

Tardiness Calculation

Employees that often show up late to work hurt a company’s productivity and bottom line. Plus, co-workers could be forced to take on extra work from tardy employees, causing friction in the workplace. Hence, managers not only have to track employees’ time, but also take steps to curb any tardiness in the workplace. Mihi captures the tardiness of every employee in the system (see Fig. 3); managers can use this data when finding an effective solution for tardiness.

Auto Integration with Leave Management

Mihi integrates leave management within the time and attendance system. Mihi allows managers to have a more comprehensive view of employees’ present and future applied leave. In turn, this assists managers in planning their resources or adjusting project deadlines according to specific employees’ situations.

Weekly Time sheet Pre-Approval System

At times employees request for a work schedule that’s not already defined in the system. It could mean working extra hours for under time compensation or working on a Holiday to completing pending work. Mihi gives employees an option to add a time sheet and send it to their managers for approval in advance (see Fig. 4). Thus, Mihi brings a new level of flexibility into the system that allows an organization to get the results they desire.

Fig. 4


Mihi’s time and attendance module is specifically built to manage a global workforce. It aims to solve complexities with transparency and robust compliance structures built in. Do you want to know more about Mihi or get a free demo? Please get in touch with us at +1 (408) 703-0455 or

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