Save Time with Simplified Global Time Tracking

Time tracking and leave management on Mihi HR Software platform

The All-In-One Solution to Time & Attendance

Mihi provides your employees with a robust self-service tool to record time and attendance information, while offering managers a specialized portal to easily review and approve all employee timesheets and requests. For companies that rely on physical timeclocks to track employee hours, Mihi offers a fingerprint scanning biometric clock integrated with Mihi’s revolutionary software. Additionally, Mihi’s integrations with external ERPs and payroll systems (including ADP Workforce Now) ensure data is moved to payroll and benefits systems timely and accurately.

Employee Experience
Comes First

User-friendly time tracking and leave management software for better employee experience
Employees tracking time, attendance, and leave on HR calendar

Flexible Framework

Ensure Compliance, Globally

Compliance with time tracking and leave regulations

Biometric Clocks

For companies that record employee time and attendance with physical timeclocks, Mihi’s M22 Biometric Clock is the ideal product.