Employee Onboarding Made Easy

Set New Hires Up for Success

Simplify onboarding processes with workflows that guide employee setup and ensure the required employee data and documents are captured in the system. Mihi helps you get new hires up to speed quickly. Communication is maintained with the employees throughout the process to provide them with the support they need, while managers are able to view the onboarding progress to keep everything on track.

Onboard Employees Faster

Accelerate employee onboarding with streamlined processes for employee data entry and documentation. HR teams can quickly integrate new hires into your existing systems so they can hit the ground running on day one.

Ensure Compliance

Maintain compliance throughout the onboarding process by utilizing Mihi’s pre-configured guidelines and data fields to ensure all required employee data and documentation is complete and captured in the system. Mihi automatically adapts these fields and requirements to ensure compliance is maintained with local country employment law.