Global HR Compliance without Complexity

Global HR compliance coverage with Mihi HR Software

Ensure HR Compliance Wherever You Operate

For companies with a global workforce, maintaining HR compliance in all countries of operation poses an immense challenge. Global employers today deal with tedious paper trails and disparate systems to manage employee needs, creating a fractured employee experience and massive compliance gaps. With Mihi, you get global compliance coverage all on a single system. Allow Mihi to take on the compliance burden for your business so your HR teams can free up time to focus on their most important work.

Prebuilt for Global Compliance

Mihi is compliance ready out-of-the-box and capable of supporting your compliance needs whether you are in one country or one hundred. The HR software keeps you compliant with local labor laws, data privacy and security regulations, and general HR policies.

Global compliance coverage as part of standard Mihi HR Software offering
Software with integrated HR compliance with checklists and alerts

Compliance Made Easy

Integrated processes and workflows ensure all required data is provided by both employees and managers, and the data is entered and maintained in accordance with local laws.

Supported by HR Compliance Experts

Our team of HR experts and employment lawyers constantly monitor new legislation to ensure all systems and procedures maintain continuous compliance with local laws in 170+ countries.

Global HR compliance experts provide support and regular updates