Employee Helpdesk

Employee helpdesk on Mihi HR Software platform

Employee Support Available 24/7

Get your employees the answers they need to their most pressing HR questions. Made available 24/7, Mihi’s Employee Helpdesk allows employees to easily log tickets and escalate cases, while providing your HR teams with the ability to establish prioritization rules and workflows to ensure all requests are routed accurately and managed promptly.

The Power of Self Service

Expedite problem solving and reduce communication delays by providing your teams with round-the-clock access to HR support. The Employee Helpdesk provides employees with a means to efficiently resolve their inquiries, as quickly as they require. Employees can also use the Helpdesk to access a centralized online location for information on insurance, benefits, and other policies.

24/7 employee support through employee helpdesk
Employee support options with Employee Helpdesk

The Perfect Toolkit

HR teams have access to a range of features to facilitate and track communications within their workforce. Some of the features include:

Data that Improves Business

With Mihi’s powerful analytics, you can track the volume of employee requests, what type of requests are most common, and how quickly issues are resolved. HR teams can view data or trend analysis globally, by country, or get granular details on a specific location.

Gathering data and insights through the Mihi Employee Helpdesk