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At Mihi, we know the world of HR because we live the world of HR. Our software was created by highly-experienced HR experts from around the globe to address the major challenges and pain points that they themselves were experiencing. All functionality and integrations have been designed to simplify the demands on your HR teams, improve operational efficiency, and provide the optimal employee experience.

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Why Mihi

We’ve Got You Covered,
Wherever You Are

For companies with a global workforce, maintaining HR compliance in all countries of operation poses an immense challenge. With Mihi, you get global compliance coverage with a single HR system. We take on the compliance burden for your business so your HR teams can free up time to focus on their most important work.

Your Security is Our Priority

Mihi software has achieved numerous certifications through extensive audits from Big 4 accounting firms that verify and validate the software’s compliance to global data privacy and security standards.

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