The Mihi Difference

Find out about Mihi and what sets us apart

A Team Devoted to Your Success

From the inception of Mihi, our team has been unified in our pursuit of providing our Clients with the services they need to make their dreams happen. We are invested in the success of each of our Clients, seeing ourselves as your partner, rather than merely your service provider. With Mihi, you get a truly global support system backed by an experienced team of multi-disciplinary experts eager to support you wherever your business journey takes you.

What Sets Us Apart


Our Mission

We are a catalyst for companies to scale and accelerate their growth. Our team mirrors the ethos of the companies with whom we partner. We come from different industries and backgrounds, but we all share the entrepreneurial mindset. We leverage our experiences to help our clients reach new heights.


Our Promise

We deliver excellence every day. The word “impossible” is not in our vocabulary and we work to move mountains for our Clients. We value teamwork and are one team with our clients. While we may be referred to as a service provider, we consider ourselves client partners invested in the long-term success of our clients.


Our Vibe

Our company is built by innovators who have always believed in the dreams of our people, our clients, and our partners. Twenty-two years and 170+ countries later, our passion for thinking differently continues to stay with us. We are not a conventional company and we do not intend on becoming one.

The Story of the Sparrow

When we think of a sparrow, many of us, no matter where we reside, visualize a common bird we’ve seen many times before. While some may regard the sparrow as unremarkable, its prevalence across the globe is a testament to its ability to adapt to its environment.

Like the Sparrow, Mihi is global in its DNA and symbolizes an unmatched ability to adapt and evolve. Simple yet powerful, designed for teamwork, and nimble at its core, Mihi removes geographical barriers and helps you take on the challenges of managing your global workforce.

About Mihi and the story of the sparrow