One World. One Team. One System.

HR Software for the Global Workforce


Simplify Global Workforce Management

Smart HR systems are the building blocks for the seamless experiences employees want and the workforce management support that organizations need. For global companies, it is critical to establish systems with both structure and flexibility. Mihi addresses both of these areas by connecting the people, processes, and systems across your organization while keeping you compliant with local labor, HR, benefits, and data privacy requirements in 170+ countries. Make HR easier and optimize productivity, cost, and compliance with a single platform for all your global employees.

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Lower Compliance

Better Data, Global Visibility

Supporting HR in
170+ Countries

Localized in
17+ Languages

Global Compliance Without Complexity

Be global but operate locally whether you are in 1 or 100 countries.

Supporting Your HR Success

Get a workforce management system you can set up fast and that has the flexibility to meet the needs of all your global employees.

Create a Global System of Truth

Get a better understanding of your global workforce with in-depth workforce metrics and comprehensive reporting.

Don’t Let Disconnected Systems
Slow You Down

As you look to expand your business, connectivity is key. Inflexible systems stunt business growth and cause major operational issues as companies scale. With Mihi, you can connect to your payroll, ERP, or any API-enabled systems for seamless data flow. Mihi’s technology also allows for custom integrations, increasing HR and payroll efficiency while improving data visibility.

Find Mihi on the ADP Marketplace

Mihi is an ADP Marketplace Platinum Partner and was the first HCM software to be featured on the Marketplace. With the integration of Mihi and ADP Workforce Now, ADP customers can easily manage their global employees while maintaining visibility and localized compliance. Find out why Mihi is a trusted partner of ADP and a bestseller on the ADP Marketplace.